Mireya Marsan is a Mexican painter.  While she has been painting for 18 years, it is only in the last 13 years that she has dedicated herself full time to the pursuit of this art.  Mireya has studied at the Grand Central Academy of Art in New York, as well as at the Art Academy of Florence, where she focused on learning the techniques of the Old Masters.


Mireya has since lived in Singapore for nearly 10 years and believes that South East Asia has heavily influenced her paintings. Her first exhibit in Singapore “Colours of Asia” reflects such influence.


In her upcoming exhibit, Mireya has shifted her focus to the nude human body and she is especially proud of her latest pieces, in which she approaches form from a classical style.  Nude art has been around for centuries and yet it continues to elicit a varied range of reactions from wonder to indignation.


In the coming years, Mireya hopes to developed new collections that can reach global audiences in worldwide locations.

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