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Mireya Marsan is a Mexican Painter who lived in Singapore for several years and now lives in New York, where she continues to work on her passions and performs “The Plastic Arts.”

Marsan has a broad professional and artistic career, highlighting her studies at the “Grand Central Academy of Art in New York” and the “Academy of Art in Florence.” Marsan also took introductory lectures at the “Drawing Academy of London” where she focused on learning the techniques of the antique masters. 

Marsan’s extensive experience, technical skills, and incredible talent in art have allowed her to stand out, occupy important roles, perform high-level work, and be recognized for her contribution to contemporary art. Marsan’s contributions include: 

“Marsan Art Gallery” was founded in 2015 in Singapore, whose objective was to promote “Hispanic Art” in Southeast Asia and support her new Hispanic painters, allowing them to promote their art through exhibitions. 
Marsan’s first exhibition in Singapore, called “Colors of Asia,” reflects the Asian influence and her artistic inclusion of this influential culture. 
Exhibitions of her excellent work, Marsan started painting the nude female body to create and express her passion, energy, and freedom.
Marsan expressed her paintings in personal and different Hispanic artists, who inspired her to work, interact, and exchange knowledge with brilliant International artists. 
Mireya Marsan is developing new collections framed in the best artistic techniques and practices by reaching a global audience in different places worldwide. New projects and information will be shared on this platform and social media. 

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We want to invite you to follow the excellent and valuable work of Mireya Marsan, who is kind, talented, passionate, enjoys, and is pleased to show her creations to the world. She wants to inspire and motivate many people to continue her dreams, and she manages to materialize them. 

Thank you all for being part of this community!

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