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Daniel Hernandez Martínez

Abstract objects based on dreams, emotions and experiences, are portrayed in the work of artist Daniel Hernandez, which you can appreciate through his social networks, or physically at his art workshop located in the city of Monterrey, N L. Mexico.

This passionate for art Regiomontano artist, is originally from Veracruz, Ver., but a Regio at heart. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture in The Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon. His start in the world of painting go back to his early years, beginning with oil painting techniques, with painter Maria Elena Garza. Later on and for over twenty years, he has been perfecting his art techniques with experts like Javier Sånchez and Gabriela Villarreal, through which he has added the combination of more techniques and styles of painting such as acrylic, aerosols and watercolors, etc. Painters such as Pablo Picasso, Rufino Tamayo and Jorge Gonzålez Camarena, among others, have influenced his art, which we can appreciate in some of his works.

Throughout his career as a painter he has participated in various workshops held locally

and nationally within Mexican territory, among which we could mention Collective Exhibition

at the House of Culture of Monterrey, Individual Exhibition Café Dubai, Individual Exhibition

Cultural Center Alfaro, among others.

Currently the works of the Regiomontano artist Daniel Hernandez, have crossed borders since his work has been exhibited in Galleries in Miami, USA and soon in Singapore Galleries.

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