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María Gamboa Hinojosa

To portrait in her works the emotion of her experiences, travels and dreams, is a characteristic that distinguishes the works of Maria Gamboa and through which the plastic artist of Mexican origin gets her inspiration. Maria Gamboa was born in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, where she has lived and obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Marketing.

Her love for art goes back to her childhood, when she chose to follow her father's foot-steps and his passion for photography and painting, as well as writing and composing, though not professionally. Over the years, and between her work, school and social life,

she made space to continue her artistic training by taking some courses of drawing, oils, and watercolors with several art experts from Monterrey.

Her direct influence on art originated while studying the subject "History of Art" in high school, where the style of Vincent Van Gogh and Pierre-Auguste Renoir drew attention for the colors In their works, although her more distinctive pronounced influence is from the expressionist artist Jackson Pollock, which ends up reflected in some of her works.

Throughout her career as an artist she has participated in a wide variety of workshops

held locally and nationally within the Mexican territory. Currently her art have crossed

borders and are also exhibited abroad.

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